5 Frame NUC - Italian

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Thank you for considering a NUC from Beekeepers.com We are so excited to be able to offer the same high quality bees you're used to as a NUC this year. Your purchase of The Beekeepers.com NUC will include:

A travel friendly Pro NUC box with NUC netting. This will insure the safety of you and your bees during transportation from our warehouse to your apiary.

Inside your NUC you can expect to find 5 frames consisting of:

- 2.5+ Frames of brood

-4 Drawn Frames, 5th frame foundation or drawn comb

-3.5 Frames of bees

-1+ Frame of Food Stores

-1 Laying Queen


Beekeepers.com NUCs are available for IN STORE PICK UP ONLY. WE DO NOT SHIP BEES.

The pick up dates listed are ESTIMATES. We will be sure to reach out with any date changes. We communicate via EMAIL and TEXT. If you do not provide either, or accurate contact information we will not be able to make you aware of any changes.

NO REFUNDS GIVEN. By Purchasing your bees you agree to our return policy. If you would like to review it, you can find the details HERE.