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Queen bee markers are the best way to mark your queen bee. If you want to get the exact bee out of the hive you will want to mark your queen. This makes it easy to spot your queen bee, even if she is laying in a pile of other bees.

For best results, prime the pen by pressing the tip down on a piece of paper or cardboard to get the tip wet before marking any queen bees. Then simply mark a small spot on her thorax (back) without covering any part of her. The queen bee will be marked with a bright dot of color, making her easy to find in the hive. Ensure the marker has time to dry before releasing her back into the colony.

The pen conveniently fits into your pocket when you're finished using it. Keep track of your queen bee by using the international color code. This pen allows you to quickly identify the age of your queen, based on the chart below, so you can keep up with her development.

Queen Marking
Year Ending Color
0 or 5 Blue
1 or 6 White
2 or 7 Yellow
3 or 8 Red
4 or 9 Green

Unless you are very good at distinguishing the queen from the rest of the hive, this pen is an essential tool for a beekeeper. The pens come in 5 standard colors (blue, white, yellow, red, and green). Additionally, the PC-5M pens are water-based and non-toxic, making it safe to use for your queen bee.